Young Threes

( Tuesday/Thursday -- AM Only or )

Must turn 3 on or before March 1


Mornings: 9:00AM - 11:30AM

two and a half year old preschool class What a wonderful beginning to your child’s preschool experience!  Your young 3 year old is developing quickly and the thematic based curriculum gives your energetic and curious child the opportunity to explore this wonderful world God has created for them.  Each day includes language development, simple math concepts, art, music, and stories.  Self-help skills are taught as the children learn how to become more independent in cleaning-up and as we partner with you in potty training.  Sign-language complements the curriculum.  The children share in a bible circle time at the end of each session.  During this special time the children learn bible stories that teach them about God who loves them very much!

Daily Schedule

Gathering Time (10 minutes) – Miscellaneous table activities including coloring, painting, puzzles, play dough

Circle Time (15 minutes) – Sharing Time, Weather, Bear, Story, Songs, Finger Plays, and Interactive Activity

Craft and Free Play (25 minutes)

Music/Creative Movement (25 minutes)

Outdoor Time (15 minutes) – The children enjoy our spacious, fenced-in playground area as often as possible or play downstairs in our large recreation hall

Snack and Sign Language Review (15 minutes)

Bible Circle Time (10 minutes) – Bible story, songs, prayer time

Get ready for dismissal (5 minutes)


General Overview of Curriculum Themes

(Each preschool day has a more specific theme)

Welcome to School; Learn all about each other!
Community Helpers; Harvest Time
(Harvest Party)
Pilgrims and Native Americans; Thanksgiving preparations!
(Thankful Feast)
(Happy Birthday, Jesus!)
Hooray for Winter!
(A visit from the Great Valley Nature Center)
Colors (especially red!); Fairy Tales
(Valentine’s Party)
Opposites: Spring/New Life
(Easter celebration)
Food and more food!
Busy Bees; Fun for all!
(Messy Day: Closing Program)