Special Activities

preschool programs and activitiesWindsor Christian Preschool plans a wide variety of special activities for the children throughout the school year.

Harvest Party

Our fall Harvest Party gets the children excited for the leaves turning and for the colder weather! For Two and a Half, Threes, Young Fours, Fours, and Fives.

Thankful Feast

After learning about the first Thanksgiving between the Pilgrims and Native Americans, the children partake in their own Thankful Feast and praise God for all that He has blessed us with. For Two and a Half, Threes and Young Fours.

Christmas Program

Our Christmas Program is NOT to be missed! This unique portrayal of Jesus’ birth will warm your heart. For Fours and Fives.

In-House Field Trips / Field Trips

The children take fun, educational field trips to local farms, parks, and gardens as well as in-house field trips like visits from the dentist or Great Valley Nature Center. For Threes, Young Fours, Fours, and Fives.

Messy Day

By far our most talked-about activity, Messy Day occurs near the end of the school year where children can play games and get MESSY! For Threes, Young Fours, Fours, and Fives.